Jean Pierre has mobilized his fellow Rwandans with who he works together with and now a group of 17
Members is formed in order to own the vision the of Second and to work it out.

Our Vision
A Reconciled Rwandan Community for Stable Peace and Sustainable Development.

Our Mission
Providing a social, moral, spiritual and economic rehabilitation to the outcast, the victims of social injustice and
criminality in Ruhango District/ Rwanda.

Our Objectives
Giving a second chance to marginalized people and victims of social and economic imbalance in Ruhango

Our Activities
Counseling, Advocacy, Training and Mobilization for the Promotion of Human Rights and Dignity, Vocational and
professional Training, Conflict Resolution.

The Target Groups
In 2012 Jean Pierre and his wife Jeanne d` Arc have initiated a ministry known as “Second Chance Rukundo Ministry” which seeks to give a second chance to different group people who have experienced failures and hardship in their lives. These are the people who do not have a living hope for life due to psychological trauma, inner wounds caused by war, the Genocide and Social rejection. They are without practical skills to get jobs and earn their livelihood. They include the people who have spent many years in jail, young girls who have become pregnant and are rejected or marginalized by their family members, the widows who have been depending on their husbands, the alcohol and drug addicted, prostitutes, in Ruhango District in Rwanda.
Who are we
Setting up and running a rehabilitation center for counseling and vocational training,
Promoting, the respect of human rights, stable peace and community based strategies of conflict resolution
Taking care of released prisoners and helping them to reintegrate into the Rwandan society.
Taking care of the other people in Ruhango District such us prostitutes, orphans, drug dealers, single mothers, and domestics.
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Former Prisoners and Prostitutes
Unemployed Youth, Domestics
and Single Mothers
Members of
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